The Corruption Of Alan Keyes- A Timeless Story Brought To Our Times

With a torrential rain a river rises to overrun an island in its midst. As a Duck approaches the river bank to swim from the island The Scorpion approaches. " Mr. Duck, please save me. The island is about to be covered by the rising water and I will drown. Please give me a ride on your back and carry me to safety." "That would be suicide," says the Duck. "You are a Scorpion and will kill me by your sting." "Oh no, Mr. Duck;" replies The Scorpion. " You are my only hope. It would be foolish for me to sting you because then I would die too." "But Scorpion," says the Duck, "how can I trust you?" "Oh Mr. Duck," says The Scorpion. "I promise that I will not sting you. Please, oh please, save me!!!" And so the Duck relents and allows The Scorpion to climb upon his back. Arriving at the other side of the river The Scorpion climbs off of the Ducks back onto the ground and then stings him. The mortally wounded Duck cries out - "But Scorpion, I saved you and you promised not to sting me!!" To which The Scorpion replies - "Yes, I did. But it is my nature to sting."

I am Don J. Grundmann. I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and Herbalist living in San Leandro, California. I am the legally and properly elected Vice-Chairman of the American Independent Party of California, the California branch of the national Constitution Party. I am solely responsible for the creation, content, and construction of this website.

I am tremendously saddened to write the following account but it is an unfortunate necessity as it is a chronicle of events which must be told in order to confront and defeat the evil it describes. It is a sad experience to write this because it brings me to confront my own idealism that the events described could never happen. And yet since they did this account can serve as a warning and a precautionary tale for those of you who would otherwise also be fooled if you were not exposed to and aware of the corruption which I shall describe.

This is an essay that should never have been written. I never dreamed that I would write such an account. That it has been written is a measure of many things both within our nation currently and of human nature in general. The aspects of human nature which are demonstrated are unfortunately as old as history. Even more unfortunate is the effect on, and reflection of, our nation in this time. I am 57 years old. Yet I am still, despite all evidence and events to the contrary, an idealist. I believe in the ideals of the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America. Yet I know that these ideals can only be brought into fruition, expressed into and as reality, by men and women. Not just any man or woman but only by those who have a moral internal heart in harmony with those ideals and principles. My idealism extended to believe that Alan Keyes would have such a moral heart. This is, unfortunately, a true story of the collapse of such morality and what happens to idealism when it runs into reality.

I do not remember when I first heard of Alan Keyes. It was probably when I became involved in the pro-life movement. I had been "pro-choice" previously on the simple idea of hearing that "women’s rights " were being compromised. My naive and stupid response that no one should harm the rights of women was thought and spoken with absolutely no knowledge of what such rights were or what such a statement truly meant. My change from "pro-choice " ( which does not exist in reality ) to pro-life came when I was introduced to a woman who had been shattered by abortion and subsequently abandoned as an embarrassing liability by her fellow " pro-choice " believers. It was the utter destruction of her life that turned me away from the pro-choice religion and this was even before I realized the mutilation shredding death of the unborn children which was the reality of " women’s rights " and " pro-choice " ( which is really " pro-death " ). The additional reality of the intentional mass murder/genocide foundation of the abortion religion and the Social Darwinist eugenics driving force of the industry in our nation and as a worldwide force and attack against humanity would come even later. You will find greater details and the reality of this mass slaughter at and numerous other websites.

Being a pro-life person and knowing how the black community was targeted for destruction by the Social Darwinist/abortion industry and movement I hence admired Alan Keyes for being an unfortunately so rare black voice in defense of the unborn. Knowing that the mass majority of black politicians, pastors, and other " leaders " are only too ready to abandon their own community and race as they grovel at the feet of their Social Darwinist plantation masters in exchange for money, prestige, ego endorsement, and any other crumbs which fall from the table of " Bwana;" this evidenced by the death via abortion of millions of black children and the continued to this day attack upon the community by the politically protected and endorsed Planned Parenthood whose founder declared blacks to be " human weeds;" the loose accounts of Keyes actions through the years kept my admiration for him intact as he appeared to hold a steady course in defense of the unborn. I met him several times through the years with one such occurrence being at a noon time pro-life luncheon at Jack London Square in Oakland, California. His attendance there provided evidence of the excellent oratory skills for which he was then, and still is primarily, known.

The genesis of this website began at a national committee meeting of the Constitution Party, the nation’s 3rd largest political party, in Concord, New Hampshire in November/December, 2006. As a 2006 United States Senate candidate with the American Independent Party (AIP), the California branch of the national Constitution Party, I was attending the meeting as one of the California representatives to the national committee and additionally to announce to those attending my intention to seek the Presidential nomination of the party in 2008.

I unexpectedly met Alan Keyes at this event where the following scenario was presented as a then possible view of unfolding events regarding the 2008 Presidential campaign - with Rudy Guliani appearing as the projected GOP nominee at that time; Alan Keyes would lead a principled campaign in the GOP primaries as the true pro-life representative of the Republicans. Upon the nomination of Guliani as a pro-abortion/death candidate of the Republicans Keyes would then lead an "exodus "of Christians to their new and proper home of the Constitution Party.

After that meeting I heard nothing more of any potential association neither of Keyes with the Constitution Party nor of his involvement in any Republican primary events until approximately mid-February 2008 when I heard Keyes would soon leave the Republican Party. This communication was shortly followed by the announcement by Keyes that he would be seeking the Constitution Party Presidential nomination at their Kansas City convention in April, 2008.

In the intervening period I had won the AIP Presidential candidate primary in February, 2008. As a result of this victory I was asked by the then Chairman of the AIP, Ed Noonan, what I wanted to do with the California delegation. My response that the delegates be held for me at the convention as their "favorite son " nominee was met with a Yes reply from Noonan regarding his agreement to fulfill my request.

The beginning of the process which was to expose Alan Keyes began with the announcement of Chuck Baldwin, the Vice-Presidential nominee of the Constitution Party in 2004, that he would seek the CP presidential nomination followed by an e-mail which I received shortly before the national convention. Following the thread back to the beginning I found that Ed Noonan was telling all he could contact not to vote for either myself or Chuck Baldwin as we had both called members of the Mormon religion " baby-killers."

Some background information is here needed for clarification. The Constitution Party has long touted itself as a 100% pro-life party. Several years ago a strong yet small faction emerged within the party calling for exceptions in regard to the life position. Many members of the party felt that those endorsing exceptions, being in leadership positions within the party, were violating the foundational principle of the party and hence needed to be appropriately reprimanded and disciplined until they recanted or were expelled from the party unless they corrected their perspective into compliance with the foundational vision of the party. The battle between the competing visions was a major split within the party and resulted in a vote at the national committee meeting in Tampa, Florida of April, 2006 which kept those who believed in exceptions from any disciplinary action regarding their positions. As a result of this numerous state organizations and many individuals resigned from the party in protest of what they perceived to be a compromise in fulfillment and protection of its core principle. Those who believed in exceptions happened to be of the Mormon religion. I, Chuck Baldwin, and numerous other national committee members voted "Yes " in favor of disciplinary action.

I have NEVER called a single Mormon, any group of Mormons, or the Mormon religion in any organized, or any other, context "baby killers." I have instead personally defended and praised the Mormon religion on countless occasions as in regard to the protection of traditional marriage in California. It is my opinion that the traditional Christian churches in California, and actually in the nation as a whole, are beyond pathetically weak and that without the aid of the Mormon Church in the battle to preserve marriage both previously in Proposition 22 and in the more recent Proposition 8 pervert (homosexual) marriage would have been legalized and the nation plunged into the automatic devastation and tragedies which would follow such a event. Hence the nation owes a debt of gratitude to the Mormon Church for its defense of our children and humanity as a whole. I have never personally asked Chuck Baldwin if he did call Mormons "baby killers " but I would say with 99.9999% assurance, based on my knowledge of both Chuck and, especially, Ed Noonan as will be related, that such a event never happened. I phoned Ed Noonan and related to him my above comments

to which I essentially received a non-response. I expected to discuss the matter further with him in Kansas City but upon my arrival I was informed that he would not be attending the convention because he was "sick." I additionally learned that a majority of the California delegation had decided to pledge their votes to Alan Keyes, a fact of which I had had no prior notice or discussion of and which I found to be initiated by Ed Noonan.

At the convention itself I was surprised to find a extremely strong reaction against Keyes among the delegates. A theme which I repeatedly heard from many delegates was that Keyes was simply seeking his own glorification and had no desire to truly build the party. Corollary arguments included that he had only recently left the GOP and that he had shown no previous outward interest in the party. In response to this allegation a key supporter of Keyes, the AIP Parliamentarian Markham Robinson, responded that Keyes supporters in California and in many other states were fully prepared to fill organizational positions within the party structure in order to provide needed manpower for party growth. He declared that this was evidence that Keyes was "in it for the long haul."

Despite this assurance there remained massive opposition to Keyes attaining the CP Presidential nomination. This was due primarily to his support for the Iraq War and his support of the United Nations, 2 foreign policy positions at 100% variance to those held by the CP, both currently and historically.

Although I was not fully aware of this when I first arrived in Kansas City as a result of this dispute there was little chance of Keyes obtaining the nomination despite his widespread name recognition and the delegate’s appreciation for his apparent long term pro-life position. This was punctuated by a speech by Howard Phillips, one of the founders of the Constitution Party, who openly attacked Keyes for his pro Iraq War and UN positions. I was one of the candidates for the nomination. I was involved in every step of the process. There are those who claim that the process was rigged in favor of Chuck Baldwin and that Alan Keyes did not get a fair shot at the nomination. I was there and I will state the following - the nomination process for the Presidential candidate of the Constitution Party in Kansas City in April 2008 was as fair a process as could be developed and produced. Yes, there were some small technical issues which I and other candidates could complain about and which could be improved upon but each candidate had a fair shot at the nomination. Alan Keyes was NOT "cheated " out of the nomination nor was the nomination process " corrupt;" 2 claims made by Keyes lieutenant, Markham Robinson. Alan Keyes lost because his ideas were not in agreement with the majority of the attending delegates. Period. He tried to get the nomination and he lost. Fair and square.

He in fact got farther toward the nomination than he ever should have. On the surface this occurred because of the "movie-star " status of Keyes. As a fairly well known political and public figure he automatically would give name recognition to the CP had he been our candidate. As the CP, despite being the 3rd largest party in the nation, is always ignored by a main-stream/" Drive-by "/Government media which only recognizes either the " Big Box " parties of the Democrats and Republicans or any 3rd party which supports abortion and homosexuality this perceived name recognition gave publicity starved CP delegates a glazed eyes look which overruled any concerns they may have had regarding his policy positions and their congruity with those of the CP. The behind the scenes reason occurred because of Ed Noonan's desire for revenge against anyone whom he perceived to be anti-Mormon in any way regardless of any and all facts to the contrary; this including I, Chuck Baldwin, and the CP as a whole. After verbally agreeing to hold the California delegation for me as a "favorite son " he, Markham Robinson ( the AIP Parliamentarian ), and Mark Seidenberg ( the then AIP Vice-Chairman ) worked to switch the majority of the California delegation to vote for Keyes. I discovered this only on the floor of the convention and received no prior communication from any person involved including the first person who I met upon arriving at the convention hotel; Keyes right hand man, Tom Hoefling. Without that vote switch Keyes would probably have ended up in 3rd place in any vote due simply to the delegates’ awareness of the lateness of his switch away from the Republicans to the CP and their wariness of handing the nomination to such a party newcomer despite any perceived name recognition popularity. He would hence have prepared himself for a future attainment of the nomination both by such a finish and by the implementation of his announced ( via his surrogates ) plan for long term growth and building of the party. The foundation would have been laid for his future potential leadership of the party. Yet as I would discover he was never truly interested in and had no intentions for such a plan.

Upon realizing the deceptive nature of Keyes campaign in shifting delegate votes with no notice to me or desire for discussion of such actions, the opposition of Keyes to foundational foreign policy issues of the party such as the Iraq War and support of the United Nations, and the extreme negative character flaws exhibited by Keyes supporters such as Noonan, Robinson, and Seidenberg of openly jettisoning basic party principles in their support of Keyes I was fearful that he would indeed gain the nomination. I felt that such actions by a candidate, while perhaps "standard operating procedure " in other parties, were corruptive of the process within the CP and indicated an extremely serious character flaw on the part of a candidate who would allow such practices to occur. Viewing that such a flaw in any CP Presidential candidate would be a potentially fatal blow to the integrity of the party and hence to the parties continuance I went to my remaining supporters both in California and other represented states and asked them not to vote for me but to give their vote to Chuck Baldwin who I felt represented the principles of the Constitution Party to a far greater degree than Keyes did. I have currently forgotten the final vote count but Chuck Baldwin won the nomination by 3 to 1 over Alan Keyes. He would still have beaten Alan Keyes without the aid of my delegates but I was happy then and, subsequently based on further information, far happier now to have aided in thwarting the efforts of Alan Keyes to obtain the Presidential nomination of the Constitution Party.

After being seated next to Alan Keyes for the candidate debate just prior to the Presidential candidate vote I did not see him again. Within a short time after the Presidential candidate vote was concluded and confirmed Chuck Baldwin gave his acceptance speech with his first comments being a gracious acknowledgement of Alan Keyes, a praising testimony of his work through the years, and an open request to unite with him in working for the unified good of the party in the long election battle to come. Even while this speech was occurring I received word from an extremely reliable source that Keyes had stated that - 1) There was a great evil in the Constitution Party, and 2) that he was going to destroy it. As I could not believe Keyes would make such a statement I immediately rushed up to his suite to confirm the truth of this account only to find his suite was already vacated and he was nowhere to be found. I subsequently discovered many months later that Keyes had given an interview to the Kansas City Star that same day in which he stated " No way, no how " in response to a question regarding his possible support for Baldwin.

So much for party unity and staying in the party "for the long haul!" The worst, the exposure of the true character of Alan Keyes, was yet to come.

As soon as I returned to California I was altered that the Chairman of the AIP, Ed Noonan, was planning to disaffiliate the AIP from the CP. The reason for this action was his intense hatred of Chuck Baldwin based upon his fantasy of Baldwin being anti-Mormon. Additionally the fact that the CP and many in it had specifically stood in defense of the Mormon religion at the time of the Tampa vote was ignored by Noonan. The one political party in the nation which defended the Mormon religion more than any other was declared by Noonan to be anti-Mormon. Since Noonan knew that the majority of the AIP Central Committee would be opposed to such a action and that he hence would be unable to achieve such a goal his initial plan was to secretly bring a voting force to the state convention that would overwhelm his opposition to achieve his victory. This force was to be supplemented by the unilateral declaration of Noonan denying voting recognition to any opponent of his plan. To accomplish this goal I was told by Noonan that Keyes had told him that he would coordinate a force of 500 people to descend on the convention to bring the victory to Noonan. He eventually produced 19 people TOTAL; including Noonan, Robinson, and Seidenberg; at a fake convention of the AIP coordinated by these corrupt party officers that were part of the deception/corruption/fraud process to be described.

I must note that the American Independent Party was founded in 1968 by Mr. William Shearer and had been led by his guidance from that time until his death in March of 2007. It was he who was a Founding Father of the Constitution Party by bringing the AIP into alliance with a number of state parties to first form the U.S. Taxpayers Party which then changed its name to the Constitution Party in 1999. Shearer was explicitly against the United Nations and the progressive and planned loss of the sovereignty of our nation to that organization in addition to opposing what he viewed as a virtually endless war footing and industry which drained the wealth and, especially, human capital of the nation. He was hence directly and adamantly opposed to the primary Keyes foreign policy beliefs and would have, as did Howard Phillips, directly opposed any attempt by Keyes to either gain the CP Presidential nomination or, especially, to break the AIP from the CP to a party holding such views. It was he who directly chose Ed Noonan as the new Chairman of the party with a mandate to protect the party both statewide and in its continued alliance with the CP.

At this time ( late April 2008 ) there were 17 people on the Central Committee of the party. Our state convention was due to be scheduled in order to elect new officers for a 2 year term. Such a convention can be called for by the Chairman or, according to the by-laws of the party, a majority of the Central Committee. Seeing that the Chairman ( of all people ) was actively working against the majority of the Central Committee and the will of the founder, Bill Shearer, who had entrusted the party to his guidance, and was now joined by the Vice-Chairman ( Seidenberg ), and the Parliamentarian ( Robinson ) the majority ( 9 ) of the Central Committee then voted to call for Convention and scheduled its occurrence for the last weekend of June, Saturday the 28th and Sunday the 29th, 2008; in Los Angeles, California.

And here is where the corruption of Alan Keyes rose to expose itself on the surface.

For at 11:59 P.M. on Thursday the 26th (one minute before midnight ) the AIP Parliamentarian Markham Robinson sent an e-mail to selected members of the Central Committee announcing a PHONE Central Committee meeting to be held the following morning ( Friday the 27th ) at 10:30 A.M. No phone message was sent to accompany this notification. Several points must be mentioned regarding this e-mail - 1) All Central Committee meetings of the AIP had ALWAYS been held in person and with a minimum of 30 days notice. There would be mail notification of all members along with phone clarification and confirmation of their ability to attend. The intention of such a process was to allow for maximum participation of all delegates and to provide any and all aid needed to ensure their attendance. The one and only previous phone Central Committee "meeting " had been a first time run through of the technical ability to hold such a phone conference to discuss political and policy issues related to the party. Yet now selected portions of the Committee were sent a message (by the " Parliamentarian " ) that a " meeting " would be held in less than 11 hours. A message that was sent one minute before midnight. A message sent with the knowledge that the majority of the Central Committee was either already in Los Angeles or would be traveling there the next day and would by all reasonable probability be unaware of such a midnight message and hence unable to respond in time less than 11 hours later even if the meeting had been legitimate. A message sent to deceive the Central Committee but even more so to give a thin legal defense - we notified them - in the planned legal attack on the party by the corrupt Keyes lieutenants.

It was bad enough that such a meeting could and would be called; and this by the " Parliamentarian." The worst was now to occur. For with the pieces in place the keystone of the corruption of Alan Keyes was now to be set in stone.

For on that Friday, June 27th phone Central Committee meeting there were, at most, 7 people present and most likely only 5. They were - Ed Noonan, the party Chairman, Mark Seidenberg, the party Vice-Chairman, Markham Robinson, the party Parliamentarian, and Gerald and Grace Hill, 2 other members of the Central Committee who would prove their corruption. A clear lack of quorum for a vote of the Central Committee to take any vote regarding any matter of the slightest importance for the party.

But when you are corrupt party rules, basic parliamentary rules, and indeed any rule or law of any kind which may get in your way is irrelevant. For the 5 callers took a fake " vote " to disaffiliate the AIP from the CP and then filed a document with the California Secretary of State office claiming that the AIP had disaffiliated from the CP and had now joined " America's ( note the apostrophe " 's " ) Independent Party," a new national party created by Alan Keyes.

I will repeat that. 5 people, organized by a " Parliamentarian " ( Robinson ) who repeatedly personally proclaimed to me that he ALWAYS followed the rules and as Parliamentarian was indeed the one person that the party ( or any party ) could and should always rely upon for proper and LEGAL procedural conduct, conducted a fake Central Committee meeting ( deliberately deceiving the mass majority of the Central Committee so that they would have no notice or awareness of such meeting and holding it with less than 11 hours of any notice regarding its occurrence ), held a fake vote ( not even close to a quorum ), and then deliberately filed a fake document with the California Secretary of State office to deceive that office regarding the actual relationship of the AIP to the CP. And Alan Keyes knew all about it.

A real vote could have avoided all of this. A real vote would mean that the entire Central Committee would meet and debate the issue followed by an official vote of the entire Central Committee. With a real vote, won or lost, this website would never have been produced. But the 5 callers knew, as did Alan Keyes and his lieutenant Tom Hoefling, that they could not win a honest vote and that it hence had to be avoided at all costs. They knew that they did not have the ability to have much less won an honest and intellectual debate and so the only other way was to fake a vote and to do that they had to exclude the majority of the Central Committee. It was Keyes choice - an honest vote on one hand; a vote which if lost would still preserve the integrity, truthfulness, and honesty of the participants; or a fake vote; one produced by corruption and based on lies, deceit, and fraud of the highest degree.

I have subsequently heard that if Alan Keyes attempted to establish his own political party in California he would need to spend, starting from " scratch "/beginning, at least one million dollars. Hence the criminal actions by Alan Keyes and his associates of deliberately and knowingly filing false documents with the California Secretary of State to deceive that office to attain ballot status is a case of felony grand theft for which criminal prosecution is being sought.

In our current national climate of what I consider to be an ultra corrupt state of our political parties what I have just described may seem of absolutely no consequence and a "garden variety " occurrence. But I consider that the deliberate filing of false documents with the State is a matter of criminal importance which is only done BY criminals. In other parties I could make allowances for such corrupt actions happening because I believe that their national and/or foreign policies indicate that such a type of corruption is found at the very core of the party and its principles. But the AIP and the CP are different. Other parties may do such corrupt actions as easily and as commonly as they breathe but for any such action to be done by a member of the American Independent Party is a absolute, astounding, and criminal disgrace. And there is a far greater disgrace.

For Alan Keyes is far and wide to be considered a Christian and a self-proclaimed representative and defender of the Christian religion. While Keyes lieutenants of Noonan, Robinson, and Seidenberg held the fake vote, constructed the fake document, and filed it with the state it was Alan Keyes who had ultimate control and responsibility for these criminal actions. It was for him (separate from other reasons such as being Republican Party moles, glorifying their own ego, or hating non-Mormons) that his lieutenants committed each and every corrupt action. While he may claim to have clean hands it was Alan Keyes who started the corrupt process which I have described and who with one phone call or even one word could have stopped it. He did not. Instead it was Alan Keyes who now claims to have a "national party" (which I shall designate as the A'sIP ) but has formed such " party " on the basis of deliberately filing false documents with the California Secretary of State office. He has formed and founded his "national party" solely and completely on corruption, deception, and fraud of the highest degree.

I must admit that I have been, despite many life experiences to the contrary, very very naive. For when people proclaim that they are of a certain religion; such as saying that they are Christian, Jewish, or Mormon as just several examples; I automatically give them the benefit of the doubt regarding their character because I inherently consider each of these religious examples, at its pure core, to be expressive of honest individuals. Even though one of the biggest crooks that I met in my life was a self-proclaimed " Christian " I have ignored that and tend to give the same respect to the person that I give to their religion. Hence I would give an automatic character pass to a Mormon because I have a great respect for the Mormon religion. As a Christian I would give the same character pass to someone who professed the Christian faith because of my knowledge of the character basics needed to be a true believer.

That is why the professed Christianity of Alan Keyes is of such overwhelming and absolutely critical importance to my narrative. For if Alan Keyes was a professed Satanist then the corruption which he exhibited in the actions of his lieutenants regarding the AIP and in the formation of his A'sIP would be perfectly understandable and actually "standard-operating-procedure " for such a person. Lying would be part of their religious belief system and of their very nature. But as a CHRISTIAN the actions of Alan Keyes are of the lowest and most disgraceful nature possible. NO true Christian - NOT ONE - would EVER do the corrupt actions which Alan Keyes has performed. And if they did they would no longer be a Christian. They may have BEEN a Christian but no REAL Christian would or could ever perform such actions.

That is why I say that Alan Keyes is a fake, a fraud, and a liar. He has built a public image which is in total opposition to who he really and truly is. The Alan Keyes which he has created - a Christian fighting for morality in the nation - is a complete and total myth. The image is a lie. The REAL Alan Keyes cowardly hides behind his lieutenants in order to maintain a image of "clean hands " when in reality it is he who is the force behind directing the criminal actions. For the result of Keyes attack upon the AIP and the CP has been the decimation of the 3rd party conservative movement in both California and in the nation. And this was the intended result.

I have received information from many sources which confirm that after the rise of the Reform Party under Ross Perot the Republican Party reacted to this threat to their potential future electoral success by sending spies into the Reform Party in order to destroy it from within and hence to eliminate any possible future 3rd party threat to their power from again occurring. After their success in destroying the Reform Party the next logical question was - "Who could be our next potential 3rd party threat?" With the answer being the Constitution Party the war to destroy the CP swung into gear by the same method which produced the end of the Reform Party - send spies into the party to destroy it from within. The evidence of the success of this tactic can be seen in the Republican Party money which has been the bloodline in the legal attack by the Keyes lieutenants against the AIP in California.

That legal attack has avoided the question of true leadership of the party as Keyes lieutenants have thrown the legal equivalent of mud on the car windshield in order to obscure their corruption and deny the legal right of the majority of the Central Committee as per party by-laws to call for convention. As I write this essay Markham Robinson, the ultra corrupt former Parliamentarian of the AIP who then claimed to be the new " Chairman " of the AIP and was subsequently rewarded for his corruption by being appointed as a national Vice-Chairman of Keyes A'sIP, has been in prolonged hiding in order to avoid service of legal papers connected with the AIP suing to return proper control of the party to its rightful officers. His cowardice is illustrative of Keyes himself.

For Alan Keyes is known if for nothing else as a great orator. Yet that image is a lie. If it were true, and if Keyes was indeed either a Christian or simply minimally honorable, then he would have been able to use that oratorical power to honestly build his America's Independent Party from the ground up. His oratorical skills would be more than sufficient to begin the process of building a national party. He would have absolutely no need to file false documents with a state agency or to commit felony grand theft, even via his corrupt lieutenants, in order to build his party. Yet he chose, as I say with good reason, not to pursue that path.

Alan Keyes knows that he does not have the oratorical skills to achieve success in forming a national party. The proof of this is that he must resort to lies and corruption to form the base of his party as is illustrated by his lieutenants filing false documents with government agencies. Rather than entering a debate upon the merits of his ideas and seeking to gain support by the intellectual and moral strength of his arguments he instead hides behind his lieutenants who, as he, dare not do anything but commit corrupt actions as they know that only by this method can they "win." These actions are those of a coward.

Additionally I have been informed by multiple sources that Alan Keyes does not talk to you; he instead talks down to you. Hence while he is applauded as a great speaker he does not have the character skills and the PRIVATE (as compared to public) oratorical ability to build a national party or even to continue to prosper among the Republican general electorate (as compared with and in total contrast to the party elites who to this day support his true mission). The proof that he knows this is again shown in his willingness to perform ultra corrupt actions via his lieutenants in order to achieve his goals which I present to be 3 fold - 1) his own self-aggrandizement; 2) the destruction of the CP; and 3) the satisfaction of his Republican Party handlers/mission directors.

As I have been informed by many sources that it was Republican Party money which forged the knives that sliced up the Reform Party so also has such money, accompanied by some of the same operatives, been the driving force against the AIP/CP. For after their success in the murder of the Reform Party the next logical question - "Who is our next potential enemy?" - brought the answer of the Constitution Party to which I believe that Alan Keyes was chosen, and agreed, to be the murderer of the CP and hence of the 3rd party conservative movement. He never truly left, even to this day, the Republican Party.

Instead he was dispatched as a secret yet willing assassin of the CP who intended to blow the party apart by obtaining the nomination via his "movie star " popularity followed by a renunciation of its core principles in order to remold it into a " Republican Lite " sickened shadow of its former self. Denied the ability to kill the party via his primary method he instead chose a " Plan B " which successfully used his California and national lieutenants stirred into a pot of ultra corruption in order to accomplish the deed.

Hence this is a essay/report which "calls out "Alan Keyes. From the evidence against him I state the following -

1) Alan Keyes is corrupt. The actions of Alan Keyes in the formation of his "national " A'sIP party are equivalent to him attacking abortion and then moonlighting as an abortionist. Keyes speaks constantly of morality and of the foundations of the nation as expressed in the Constitution yet he was the guiding force behind the formation of fake papers which were filed with the California Secretary of State office claiming that the AIP had disaffiliated from the CP - a event which never happened as no such real disaffiliation vote ever took place. A REAL Christian would have nothing to do in any way, shape, or form with the corrupt actions performed by Keyes lieutenants and would have indeed minimally denounced and totally disavowed such actions or any connection to them in addition to confronting the perpetrators to stop their corruption from even occurring. A REAL Christian would have disavowed ANY actions such as those taken by Keyes lieutenants and would actively work to undue any manifestation of such corruption in order to right the wrongs committed by those corrupt persons. The active failure by Alan Keyes to not confront such corruption but instead to cover it up and receive the benefits from it tells you all you really need to know about the REAL Alan Keyes.

2) Alan Keyes is a liar. To present a surface facade of confronting immorality while secretly formulating and benefitting from a program of ultra corrupt actions which no true Christian would ever do shows not only that the public image of Alan Keyes is a lie but that he personally is a liar by his continuance and support of the corrupt actions described in this essay.

Of course credit must be given where credit is due. Even though Alan Keyes was the fountainhead of the corruption herein described his lieutenants were his active collaborators who performed the corrupt actions as his surrogates. The notable correlation between Keyes and all of the following individuals is that they all beat their chest and bellow of their religiosity while performing corrupt actions. As with Keyes their professed religious proclamations regarding their purity are excellent shields behind which their knives are sharpened for the next sucker who believes them and comes close to their spider web. These fellow liars and corrupt Keyes activists are -

1) Tom Hoefling - The current national chairman of Keyes A'sIP. Hoefling was Keyes right hand man in the formation of the A'sIP inclusive of certifying the corrupt actions of Keyes California lieutenants in the filing of fake papers with the California Secretary of State office. The conduit between the corruption of Keyes and his California lieutenants. Claims to be Christian.

2) Markham Robinson - The ultra corrupt former " Parliamentarian " of the AIP who was one of the key formulators of the idea to file fake papers with the California Secretary of State office and of the filing itself. Now claims to be the Chairman of the AIP but is currently in hiding to avoid service of legal papers challenging his corruption in his attack upon the AIP. A "Parliamentarian " who sent the one-minute-before-midnight notice to the Central Committee of the AIP in order to hold a unknown of and hence unchallenged fake Central Committee meeting at which he orchestrated the fake vote of disaffiliation from which were generated the fake papers filed with the California Secretary of State office. One of 5 former AIP Central Committee members who held the fake "vote " which produced the fake papers filed with the Secretary of State office. As demonstrated by his own actions make him an outright liar and a person of extreme corruption. Claims to be Christian.

3) Mark Seidenberg - (at right in photo below) -The former Vice-Chairman of the AIP who is the funnel for Republican Party money which fuels the attack against the AIP and the CP. One of the 5 corrupt Central Committee members who held the fake vote upon which fake papers were produced and then filed with the Secretary of State office. Currently claiming to be the Vice-Chairman of the AIP. As with Robinson is demonstrated by his own actions to be an outright liar and a person of extreme corruption. Claims to be Jewish.

4) Edward Noonan - The most corrupt and incompetent Chairman in the history of the American Independent party and most probably of any political party in the history of the nation. The coordinator and one of the 5 " voters " in the fake meeting which produced the fake documents which were filed with the California Secretary of State office. A professed Mormon who attacked the most Mormon defending political party in the country, the CP, as being anti-Mormon. Handpicked by the founder of the AIP, Bill Shearer, to continue and defend the party which he then totally betrayed regarding its most fundamental principles but only after Shearer was safely dead and unable to challenge his corruption. As with Robinson and Seidenberg an outright liar and a person of extreme corruption.

5) Gerald and Grace Hill - 2 former AIP Central Committee members who joined with the corruption of Robinson, Seidenberg, and Noonan in comprising the " Fake 5 " which held the fake AIP Central Committee meeting from which fake documents were subsequently generated and filed with the California Secretary of State office. Claim to be Christian.

In this essay I have described a unfortunate occurrence which is a microcosm of American life and I believe the downfall of our nation. As epitomized by Alan Keyes it is a corruption and cowardice which, as with The Scorpion of the tale beginning this narrative, poisons the heart and soul of our nation.

If Alan Keyes were really a true Christian then he would be someone desperately needed in our times as America is at the edge of a cliff regarding our future. The accumulating corruption of our citizens singularly and our nation collectively has brought the nation to the brink of economic, social, and cultural destruction. A TRUE Alan Keyes, one who was actually the same as the public image, would hence be a fantastic aid and fighting force for our nation in this time of extreme peril and approaching disaster. Instead the ACTUAL Alan Keyes is, as demonstrated by his actions chronicled in this essay, a 180 degrees completely different person from the fake public image which is presented. This is not simply a personal tragedy but a national tragedy. And not simply for a life of such promise which is lost but for the countless lives which are lead astray by the Pied Piper message of a fake Keyes who leads his followers into a intended dead end of action instead of truly saving the Republic which his unfortunately fake image could (and would) do if it were truly real.

A story told by my martial arts instructor illustrates the problem - A man walking along a beach comes to a pier from which a boy is fishing. The boy casts out his line and pulls in crab after crab which he then tosses into an open bucket. The man approaches the boy and says - "Aren’t you worried that the crabs will escape?" "No worry," says the boy. "Hawaiian kind."

As an ending which could be applied to any race or culture the boy was referring to the fact that any crab wanting to escape from the bucket would be grabbed by his fellow crabs and pulled back down. Hence no one would escape.The Alan Keyes led effort to internally destroy the 3rd party conservative movement in America; a movement controlled by him but executed by his corrupt lieutenants such as Hoefling, Robinson, Seidenberg, and Noonan; is the political equivalent of the " Hawaiian kind " crabs. Keyes is a " crab " well compensated by his patrons and by his fund raising activities which are generated by his fake image. His mission is 1) to detonate and drag down any conservative 3rd party challenge to the " Tweedle-Dumb and Tweedle-Dee " indistinguishable parties of the Democrats and Republicans via producing a totally emasculated " Republican Lite " 3rd party which will do absolutely nothing to solve the critical problems destroying the nation; and/or 2) simply throw rocks into the engine of any conservative party movement. This was the real reason of his supposed leaving the Republican Party, a event which only happened on paper at best but never in fact and reality.

The proof of this is that a TRUE Alan Keyes ( the same as his image ) would have challenged the CP by the force of his oratorical and intellectual skill and correctness. By competing in the marketplace of ideas he would and could build his A'sIP into a political force that would have eclipsed the CP based on the correctness and appeal of his ideas in and to the political marketplace. Instead the FAKE/ACTUAL/REAL Alan Keyes, the fraud/liar behind the phony image, knows that he is incapable of any such true competition. Additionally his true internal " nature " of corruption makes him incapable of doing anything other than producing and filing false documents to achieve his ends. For as a fake Christian the ends DO justify the means.

Hence the tragedy of Alan Keyes is not just of a singular person but is descriptive of a key moral collapse of our nation at a profoundly critical and decisive time in our nations history. It is the story of a moral Benedict Arnold who for his own glory and self-aggrandizement is willing to stab the nation, and more precisely the conservative Christian movement, in the back in order to receive 30 pieces of silver. Of someone masquerading as a moral leader in order to deceive the populace and prevent them from throwing off the chains which are being fastened around their necks. Of a supposed leader who is willing to betray a beacon of humanity and countless future generations for his own ego fulfillment. This at a time when a call to battle in defense of the nation finds a response of cowardice, shallowness, and betrayal. It is a sickening story of a great promise of what could have been replaced by a shallow ego-maniac who rather than rising to the occasion instead chooses the lowest common denominator of all of humanity - self-interested corruption and cowardice which betrays all around them for a fake reflected glory upon the ruins of the humanity which they have betrayed.

As demonstrated by his own actions the " nature " of Alan Keyes is, as with The Scorpion, destructive and destroying. Behind the fake image fluffed up with flowery rhetoric is a political assassin who is dedicated to putting his knife in the back of the conservative movement in the nation. He survives as a parasite on the body politic; specifically on those who imagine and believe in, and desperately want to do so, a mirage which the parasite carefully cultivates in order to continue its long running con job of attacking the defenders of the nation while appearing and claiming to do the exact opposite. It is a long running and very effective con job/scam indeed. But it is time to " blow the whistle " on Alan Keyes.

Of course I could be completely wrong in this essay. And here is exactly how you will know that I am -

Alan Keyes, upon realizing the gravity, betrayal, and seriousness of his actions, of his own commission of a great evil, will do the following :

1) Publicly renounce the actions of his lieutenants inclusive of filing false papers with the California Secretary of State office regarding the status of the AIP and the CP.

2) Publicly disavow any connection between the California American Independent Party and his own America's Independent Party.

3) Instruct his lieutenants to perform all actions needed, inclusive of all legal possibilities and necessities, to properly legally and in all other manifestations re-affiliate the American Independent Party with the Constitution Party.

4) Not stop his corrective actions until 3) - the total reversal of his previous actions leading to the complete restoration of the AIP to the CP - is fully accomplished; a period of time which could be as long as a week at most.

These actions will demonstrate his realization of the evil which he has performed and, especially, his character strength in acknowledging and correcting his error. Everyone makes mistakes and can stray into the commission and promotion of evil. The above actions if taken to completion by Alan Keyes will show decisively that he is " back on track;" that his image was/is not a fake and that he simply slipped on the path of life.

I will be happy to see the return of the TRUE Alan Keyes from his current world of corruption. An Alan Keyes which can be the same in reality as in the image. An Alan Keyes which will stand up against evil instead of committing it. I will be the head cheerleader of such a welcome and happy occurrence.

But I am not going to hold my breath waiting for it.

Absent acknowledgement of their corruption followed by truly sincere repentance of their hardened hearts the " human nature " of the criminals described in this essay, and that of The Scorpion within them, will defend their evil to the death. To admit that they have been liars and are corrupt to the bone and beyond is a incredibly horrible pain to their ego; which is what they value, cherish, and will work to protect above all else. Rather than experience the pain of confession and true repentance from their sin they will declare the motto of all who tell God to go to hell - " Better a king in hell than a servant in Heaven."

Hence my prediction of what will occur, based far more on cynicism than idealism, is that Alan Keyes and his ultra corrupt lieutenants, rejoicing in being kings in hell, will send an army of Republican Party funded lawyers to huff and puff and try to blow this website down. They can save their breath as that will not happen.

Only the full implementation of actions 1) through 4) as noted above, with special emphasis upon full restoration of the original affiliation of the AIP with the CP, will bring down this site and bring a acknowledgement from myself that Alan Keyes has corrected the error of his moral compass and is now back on a track which he appeared for so many years to be originally following and guided by. Nothing else. It will be supremely and incredibly easy and quick for Alan Keyes to reverse course, implement actions 1) through 4), and prove that I am totally wrong. In one week at the most this website can be replaced by one which congratulates him for his return to being a TRUE Alan Keyes.

His failure to do so; despite any and all of the hurricane of excuses, lies, and evasions which can ( will? ) be put forth will simply be total and complete clarification and proof positive of everything stated in this essay.

It is very simple. This essay is correct or it is not. Alan Keyes is corrupt or he is not. Alan Keyes is a liar or he is not.

The facts speak for themselves. By his own actions Alan Keyes has betrayed his image and exposed his inner nature. Was it a onetime error? A slip from and stumble upon the path of life? Or a true vision of the REAL, The Scorpion, Alan Keyes?

Does Alan Keyes have the moral courage to " man up " and come clean regarding his sin and error? Or is he a moral coward who will not only make countless excuses for his corruption but will justify its continuance while STILL claiming to be a " Christian?" His response, and that of his lieutenants/surrogates, to this essay will be the answer to these questions.

This site will document via timeline any and all developments regarding this issue. You the reader will be able to clearly see the truth or falsity of everything expressed in this essay by his own response to this confrontation of and challenge to his corruption and the evil which he has chosen to do.

You will find the answer to the question - Who is Alan Keyes? My phone number is 510-8956789. My e-mail address is
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